Tips for Newbies: Distract Yourself

I wouldn’t call myself a tenured diver, but with almost 38 dives under my weight belt in the last year, I am certainly not a total newbie. Still, I struggle sometimes with panic. It’s one of those things that gets in everyone’s head from time to time, and we all have to find a way to manage it.

It’s particularly important to find a way to deal with it underwater, where running to the exit is not always a great option. The fact that I shouldn’t leave often makes my panic double back on itself and grow stronger as I feel more and more trapped.

Mind games like this are frustrating, but they are, after all, just games, and they can be played from both sides. In the past I’ve tried a few strategies for the fear: I’ve tried talking myself through it. I’ve tried rationing with it. I’ve tried shouting at it. Nothing really worked, though, and I found another level of panic set in when I got scared my diving days were over because I couldn’t get my head around these moments. Continue reading “Tips for Newbies: Distract Yourself”

All This Beauty

It’s a matter of getting deeper in, any way you can

~ The Weepies

In the few months since we’ve started putting our dream in action, things have started to shift. It’s amazing how many opportunities present themselves when you open yourself up to them.

This whole endeavor often feels terribly overwhelming for both of us. There is SO much to do and SO much knowledge to gain about how to run a dive centre properly – not to mention how to set up a business in a foreign country!

Recently, we broke down the steps to make them feel more manageable, but there is still a hell of a lot to do. One item, however, is starting to make some very unexpected and incredibly exciting progress: Get Some Industry Experience. Continue reading “All This Beauty”

Mission Control

Every serious quest needs a base. You know, a big map on a table in the middle of the room where men with heavy brows inexplicably move chess pieces around to plan their next move. Last week, we built the mission control centre for our biggest quest yet: our big dream.

If you haven’t heard, we are working toward opening our own dive centre and guest house somewhere in southeast Asia. We aren’t sure where yet and we are far from knowing how.  All we know is that it is what we want more than anything, and we’re working hard on making it happen.

This weekend, we sat down and broke the mission into the biggest challenges we’ll have to conquer. For anyone else out there working on a big goal (or even a small one!), this is a really good practice for two reasons: Continue reading “Mission Control”

Riding the Tide

There’s a great big ocean out there, and I sometimes feel like we’ve been dropped right in the middle of it.

In many ways, that’s exactly what we want. We want a sea-filled life, full of fishy wonders and underwater adventure. But attempting to turn our hobby into a business – and doing it in far-flung corners of the world, no less – can sometimes make me feel lost at sea. Continue reading “Riding the Tide”

Our Big Dream

There’s something I’ve wanted to share with you for a long time, a story I want you to be a part of,  involved in, helping to direct. But I’ve been really freaked out that it is not that interesting for you, that it is me just talking about my life and that’s not a very exciting or meaningful thing when you’ve got all kinds of other things going on in yours.

I don’t know why I’ve cared so much, but I have.

Maybe it’s because I really want to include you in the story, make you a part of it, get your ideas and your insights, learn from you, share with you and interact with you along the way. The idea that you might not find it remotely interesting, that you will be bored to tears by it is just too much for me to handle.

I’ve finally decided to tell you anyway. Continue reading “Our Big Dream”